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When it comes to replacing your home's roof, homeowners in the western Lake Superior region have several good options.

Asphalt, or composition, shingles are the type of shingle used on the majority of homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They're made by applying asphalt to a base of fiberglass or organic wood material and then coated with granules on the top side which will protect the base of the shingle from the elements. They come in a variety of colors and quality. Asphalt shingles can last from 20 to 30 years based on the quality of the product and the skill of the installer.

Working on a Minnesota RoofDimensional shingles are basically an upgrade to composition shingles. They typically have a somewhat nicer appearance, tend to be thicker than an asphalt shingle and will usually last longer, up to 40 years under ideal conditions. The roofer can impact how long a roof will last. Properly installed flashing and adequate ventilation of the roof and attic will extend the life of a shingle roof. In some cases, a new layer of shingles can by laid over an existing single layer shingled roof if the current roof is in good condition.

Cedar shakes have a rustic look that many people appreciate. Cedar shakes are a natural material that will generally be treated to become fire retardant. Cedar tends to work great on upscale homes, historic homes or any building where the homeowner wants a distinctive look.

Other good options for homeowners include metal roofing, tile and slate. Metal is a good option to consider. It's long-lasting, lightweight and not that expensive. Tile and slate offer rich and distinctive appearances, but they are more expensive and require skilled installers.

Some of the better-known roofers working St. Louis and Douglas Counties:

Duluth Roofing Company repairs and installs roofs in the Duluth-Superior area for homeowners and light industrial building owners.

Duluth Sheet Metal and Roofing can perform repairs, replacements or new installations of either steep sloped or flat roofs, with any type of covering material, from steel to asphalt shingles.

Superior Roofing will help you get a high-quality, affordable roof. They have 20-plus years of experience and they've completed successful projects for a long list of satisfied customers.

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Duluth roof contractors you can search through to see a couple of the best roofing professionals working in the greater Duluth-Superior area in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Duluth Superior roofing contractor is a reliable asphalt shingle or cedar shake installer offering top quality shingle, roof ventilation, waterproofing and gutter solutions.
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Duluth roofing company is ready to give you a work estimate for fixing what needs to be fixed on your Lake Superior area home or commercial building.
Roofing company in Duluth and Superior can fix your hail damage or aged metal, cedar or asphalt shingled roof on your home.
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